Goodell seeks private jet for life in next contract

Arnold Nichols
November 14, 2017

Compensation Committee, comprised of six club owners, will meet on Monday to decide on Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract extension.

According to, which cited an unidentified source familiar with the negotiations, the last written counterproposal from Goodell on the extension seeks some $50 million per year, as well as other perks such as lifetime medical insurance and use of a private jet.

"The reality is where Roger's contract would be is roughly the same amount of money that he is making now and with that being many specific performance clauses that would be voted on by numerous owners as each year comes up", he said.

That's a reasonable reaction, unless and until Jerry Jones decides to sue his partners to block Goodell's contract.

It looks like the owners' disagreement on how to handle the Roger Goodell contract extension is beginning to affect their social graces.

But amid plummeting viewer numbers and anger over anthem protests, some owners are now fighting to take matters back into their own hands.

In a letter sent last week to owners on the committee, Jones claimed he "has discovered a number of very concerning issues" while engaged as a committee member, including that "the Ownership (sic) and Jerry Jones now understand that they have been unquestionably misled" by Blank and that "critical facts" have been misrepresented regarding Goodell's contract.

Another owner told the sports network that "Roger is defiant", and they don't believe he'll "take a pay cut" or resign as commissioner of the NFL.

The NFL commissioner said on numerous occasions he believes NFL players should stand for the national anthem, however, he doesn't support the idea of disciplining athletes who kneel during pre-game ceremonies. The NFL said there were three incidents over five days. Jones owns about 120 Papa John's stores in Texas.

Jones said that he isn't pushing for a review of Goodell's contract because the commissioner suspended Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot six games on allegations of domestic violence. He's asking for a pay raise that will get him almost $50 million a year.

Now comes this report from Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio suggesting that multiple NFL owners have discussed the possibility of forcing Jones out from his current position as Cowboys owner. Between 2008 and 2015, he was paid more than $205 million.

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