Facebook will now let you send money in the United Kingdom with Messenger

Muriel Hammond
November 8, 2017

"In the United States most people use payments in Messenger to send less than $50 at a time", David Marcus, head of Messenger, said in a statement, adding that the feature is most commonly used during social occasions.

Sending and receiving dosh with Messenger sounds like a dawdle, according to Facebook's instructions.

During your first payment the app will request your bank information to be entered, Visa and Mastercard are supported.

People will be able to add a payment card to their account then send and receive money directly inside conversations with contacts.

Despite Facebook owning WhatsApp the U.S. technology firm says this service will be exclusive to Messenger.

It's a convenient feature that saves you from the hassle of having to exchange bank details with people, save them and then carry out the transfer in a different app.

All you'll need to do is bring up a message chain with one of your Facebook friends, tap "+" and then hit the green Payments icon. Red envelopes are traditionally used for gift-giving during holidays like Chinese New Year, but the payment service could be applied to any P2P payments.

Of course, Facebook may not be trying to build a global payments network out of just three countries, but the P-to-P endeavor highlights the disconnect between Facebook's social network and its money network. "Finally, Messenger payments are offered as a regulated payment service, meaning they're directly subject to consumer protection requirements".

Yes. Facebook said it does not charge people to transfer money and does not directly handle the money itself.

Facebook said the system is encrypted. And there are certain complexities to cross-border payments that Facebook is wise not to confront right away. Since Facebook owns WhatsApp, it has already fragmented its user base.

If that isn't a promising prospect to keep with you throughout the day, I don't know what is.

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