Apple's $120M patent award upheld by court

Kelley Robertson
November 8, 2017

After years of court trials, Apple has finally claimed victory over Samsung in the Slide-to-Unlock patent battle for a total of $119.6 million.

Among the patents was the slide-to-unlock feature. Apple claimed that Samsung infringed on its patent by copying the feature in their Galaxy S lineup of smartphones.

Back in 2014, Apple was awarded Dollars 119.6 million in damages by a jury, a decision against which Samsung had appealed. It is also worth noting that out of the three patents, the patent for "quick-links" feature, which turned phone numbers and addresses into clickable links, accounted for more than 80% of total damages, which is almost $100m. Samsung appealed the decision in the US Supreme Court stating that the Federal Circuit didn't hear the complete story before giving the verdict against it.

One of the two long-running patent disputes between Samsung Electronics and Apple ended Monday after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Samsung's appeal of a case that was first decided in 2014. The ruling in Apple's favour was overturned nearly two years later, but reinstated once again less than a year after that. In fact, the case is so old, Apple doesn't even use the "slide to unlock" functionality on its iPhones anymore.

A week later, Apple asked a USA court to force Samsung to cough up $180 million more.

Apple and Samsung's history extends outside of the courts, too.

The company also said the ruling would let Apple "unjustly profit" from an invalid patent.

The companies have battled in close to a dozen countries, with each accusing the other of infringing on various patents related to their flagship smartphone and tablet products.

The two biggest smartphone producers still have a much bigger suit pending, which originally granted Apple more than $1 billion in damages from Samsung. As it turns out, it was a futile attempt by Samsung and now, has no option to pay to Apple.

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