Heidi Klum Finally Revealed This Year's Halloween Costume

Oscar Cross
November 2, 2017

She may have channeled her inner Jackson for the look but there was one part of him she just couldn't get right.

"It takes a long time to lay the prosthetics but then putting it all together, it took seven hours", she confessed. For the past 18 years, the model has celebrated the holiday with her annual party, arriving in a costume more elaborate than the last.

Heidi Klum will NEVER be outdone when it comes to Halloween bashes.to say her party was a thriller would be an understatement.

The Queen of Halloween (Halloqueen?) Heidi Klum has finally graced us with her costume for 2017 and it's a thriller.

As the werewolf half of Jackson's Jekyll-and-Hyde persona, she also made sure to lavish plenty of FX attention on her retinue of zombified dancers. It's Michael Jackson's werewolf from the legendary Thriller video.

Even dressed up as a werewolf, Heidi Klum still finds a way to look stunning. "I don't think anyone can dance like Michael Jackson, but I tried my hardest", she said. "I have to do something really cool and different", she added.

Last week, the model told Vanity Fair that she had been rehearsing the costume ahead of her big entrance on October 31. I don't wear contact lenses so anything that goes in the eye. we had to do it a few times'.

Heidi Klum takes Halloween very seriously and her annual party is the golden ticket in NY. The supermodel showed off her huge fake teeth, prosthetic chin and horns from the make-up chair in a selfie video but left the final reveal for her party on Tuesday.

And once the bash was over, there was a lot more work to be done to remove her insane costume and prosthetic makeup.

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