Microsoft working on 'Andromeda' foldable device with Apple Pencil-like stylus

Kelley Robertson
October 31, 2017

We say concept because the device never actually became a reality. However, it is suspected that it could be a pen-based foldable PC with phone capabilities, which is in line with Microsoft CEO's statement a year ago, saying that, while the company is not done with the mobile phone market, its next mobile device will not look like the smartphones of today.

According to recent reports, the Redmond-based company is working on a device supposedly codenamed "Andromeda", which is a foldable tablet to run on Windows 10.

What Microsoft appears to be working on is a device that will fold like a book, and have an emphasis on digital ink. And Windows 10 S, Microsoft's edition of Windows that can run Microsoft Store apps only, is going to be able to run on ARM, last we heard. Rather than replacing your laptop, Andromeda would, instead, replace your phone by offering a foldable tablet with the capability to send texts and make phone calls.

As the leaked photos of the said patent show that the so-called Surface Phone would be a foldable device, and the recent rumors claim that it will be the case, there is no denying that they are all in sync with Nadella's claim that Microsoft's next mobile device will be unique, indeed.

The device puts pen and inking "at the very forefront of its experience". The notebook app itself is designed in a way that mimics writing in a real notebook, with virtual pages that spread across the foldable device. That doesn't mean the device will be limited to nate-taking.

This hidden section in the Microsoft Store app can be accessed by typing the command included in the tweet below into the Windows 10 Run dialog box which can be brought up by using the WIN + R key combination. There's nothing stopping the Surface team from joining the fray - as long as they can justify to themselves and others that they're creating a new device category. Since Windows 10 is the most awesome and popular OS update, Microsoft to launch the foldable tablet with the latest Windows 10 OS. The device will have a foldable display and act more as a tablet when it's open. There is no information regarding the size or internal specifications of the device. But Microsoft has been known to scrap projects in the past so nothing can be said for sure until the company makes an announcement.

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