Google CEO says he will 'drop everything' to fix cheeseburger emoji

Kelley Robertson
October 31, 2017

We could have cared less, but we cannot help but wonder how Google came to release its image of the burger with cheese on the bottom of the burger because no one ever does that.

On Monday, author Thomas Baakdel sent the tweet that started it all.

"I think we need to have a discussion about how Google's burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top", he tweeted.

A few of those replying to Pichai's tweet did have suggestions, too.

"Cheese belongs on top".

Twitter users have spoken out and made puns along the way.

The cheeseburger order of ingredients that Apple used for its emoji was bun, tomato, cheese, patty, lettuce, and then bun.

"I make my burgers completely upside down".

Ensuring a soggy bottom as well as top. Customarily, the cheese slice is always kept over the patty.

"Going to be controversial here and say that lettuce needs to stay out of burgers. Ruins the burger", another person added.

It turns out Google is the only tech manufacturer with unusual construction habits. Well, it's all down to how emojis work.

The company launched the second version of the Pixel phone this month and it has been garnerning more attention than ever mainly due its extensive use of artificial intelligence and an impressive camera that outscored Apple's latest iPhone's score in DXO rankings.

So much can not be said for the maniacs at Samsung, who inexplicably order their burger emoji bun-tomato-cheese-lettuce-meat-bun.

Google CEO has chimed in ... Pichai said it would be fixed "if folks can agree on the correct way to do this".

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