GameStop offering all-you-can-eat subscription to used games

Muriel Hammond
October 31, 2017

The "Power Pass" will cost the same as a new game ($60), and will last for six months.

$60 is the price for a lot of new, triple-A titles, and with that, you'll be able to get six months of unlimited pre-owned "rentals" from your GameStop store.

Sign ups begin on November 19.

While GameStop has yet to confirm the Power Pass program, it's likely only a matter of time before we got an official announcement. Stay tuned to Paste, as GameStop is sure to release more details in the near future. When the 6 months are up, you can choose to keep one of the games you. tasted?

This year has been a mixed one for GameStop and their newest strategy of Power Pass to rent out games from physical stores is quite a hard one especially when things have become completely digital these days.

The subscription requires that the user be a PowerUp Rewards member, and the offer will be available only to the used game catalog in a store (i.e. physical discs), not from GameStop's online library. When they're done, they just have to return the game to their store and choose a new one, and at the end of the term, they keep their last game.

In effect, this partially puts GameStop in direct competition with RedBox, which already enjoys a bit of an edge in the game rental business with its widely dispersed units.

Only the PowerUp Rewards members would qualify for the Power Pass.

Pre-owned video games have been money makers for GameStop for a long time. It boosts trade-in values for recent games days after they launch, so the latest titles are usually in-stock.

Even if you're a more casual player, this still sounds like an excellent service.

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