Houston Texans owner apologises for protest comments

Arnold Nichols
October 30, 2017

Houston Texans' owner Bob McNair met with his players on Saturday, in an attempt to smooth things over after he referred to them as "inmates" during an NFL meeting that included owners and executives from the league.

The Texans are planning to protest as a team in the wake of their owner's heated "inmates running the prison" remark, according to ESPN. One player, however, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, left the team facility and did not practice.

Here are the reactions of several other players around the NFL.

"These players are protesting because there are racial inequalities in this country", said Harris County Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis. However the team decides to protest, the plan will be revealed Sunday, the source said. "We put our bodies and minds on the line every time we step on the field". The Texans are playing in Seattle with an early afternoon start. "More people in the world have to be that kind and that open about how they really feel so you can identify them - and make sure you stay away from those kind of people, and keep those people out of power".

After the meeting, Goodell said he would encourage the players to stand for the anthem, but the league would not punish them if they refused to do so.

A concern that has had most of us engaged in a fiery debate on what's right and what's wrong, what McNair said sent shock waves across the sports media scene because of the tackiness of their tone.

"I regret that I used that expression", McNair said in a statement.

Although McNair has since apologized for his offensive comments, some believe the National Football League owner to be innocent because of his use of a figure of speech. And after meeting with the team on Saturday - where he apologized again - McNair claimed his "inmates" remark wasn't referring to NFL players but was actually referring to the league office. To use an analogy of inmates in a prison; I would say they're disrespectful.

McNair later pulled Vincent aside and apologized, saying that he felt terrible and that his words weren't meant to be taken literally, which Vincent appreciated.

"It's frustrating, but I don't think it should discourage anybody".

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