PM bats for intra-party democracy, praises media for backing Swachh Bharat

Ann Santiago
October 29, 2017

Though he did not name any outfit or person, the comment - articulated during the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP's) Diwali celebrations - comes at a time when opposition Congress is poised for a leadership change.

Addressing journalists at a "Diwali Milan" function at the BJP headquarters, Modi said: "There should be a debate on the internal democracy of parties". I feel you friends will some day study and bring out what is the structure of a party, how leadership flourishes, how the new generation gets opportunity, are democratic values part of its core values? He added, "We need to have transparency in the recruitment that political parties do". Today we hear many voices in the party.

The BJP has often accused the Congress of practising dynasty politics and juxtaposed that with the rise of its party workers to top echelons to project itself as a party with a difference.

Noting the rapid expansion of the media, he said earlier there were a few journalists and one could manage knowing "five-seven" prominent media personalities.

Speaking on the occasion, Amit Shah said the NDA government under Narendra Modi had tried to solve issues confronting the nation on every front, be it challenges from across the border or the economy.

The Prime Minister also recalled that he used to spend time with journalists at the same place and there were times when they had to look for journalists. The PM said that there are some practical problems, due to which he usually can not get to the media. The country has witnessed the positive role played by media in making the Swach Bharat Mission a success. "But overall, how they are formed, how they function, how they recruit, their values, their ideologies and their weaknesses, what is the reason behind such weaknesses... all this should be debated", he said, adding that political parties evolving "with a true democratic spirit is necessary for the country, necessary for a democracy". "Half of the newspaper pages would be filled with the government's criticism.But when it comes to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, all are on the same page", he said.

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