Amazon Key Allows Couriers Into Customers' Homes and People Are Confused

Muriel Hammond
October 28, 2017

Amazon announced their newest product, "Amazon Key", on Wednesday, Oct. 25th.

Amazon delivery employees aren't given a passcode to enter the home; rather they request access into the home, and Amazon's records verify that the employee is at the right address at the right time. The locks - provided by Yale - are available in a variety of finishes to compliment most doors.

Amazon's solution is called the "Amazon Key". It also grants access to the people you trust.

Amazon Key deliveries will only be from Amazon, not other shipping services or the U.S. Postal Service.

Here's how it works: If you select the option for "in-home delivery" when ordering your package, a delivery driver will be able to enter your home even when you're not there and drop off your package. Amazon requires you to purchase their kit for the service, which includes a security camera made by Amazon and a handful of 3rd party smart locks. Note, only Prime-eligible items can be delivered in-home.

This system is another way Amazon is making it easier for customers to receive packages quickly and securely.

Need a package delivered while away from home?

Others worry about letting a stranger inside their home and hackers. However, the added upfront cost may stop some from initially embracing Amazon Key. Amazon Key's aim is to provide safety for customers' packages, that run the risk of being stolen when left outside on the sidewalk. If you're not convinced, you can watch the entire process on your phone using Amazon's Cloud Cam. The upbeat Pixar-esque jazz soundtrack and Buster Keaton comedy all makes it seem like giving Amazon access to your front door and using one of its cameras to monitor your home is no big deal.

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