BJP to celebrate Nov 8 as 'anti-blackmoney day'

Ann Santiago
October 27, 2017

As the one year anniversary of the demonetisation that was announced on November 8, 2016, approaches, the ruling and Opposition parties have taken different approaches to marking the anniversary.

The Congress today dubbed as a "crude joke" with the people the BJP's plan to observe November 8 as "anti-blackmoney day" and alleged that it is an attempt to divert public attention from the government's "failures" and "betrayal".

The question is has black money really been traced since according to RBI had told the parliamentary panel that Rs 15.28 trillion in old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes has come back to banks.

He asked the BJP: "How much black money have they been able to unearth because of demonetisation?" Therefore, the party has decided that on November 8 we will celebrate anti-black money day.

This came after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chose to observe "anti-black money day" on November 8 to counter Oppostion's "black day". But I can't recollect a single step that they took against black money.

Jaitley highlighted the benefits of demonetisation. So, for entry into the lawful system, you are liable to pay tax. "They forget to mention that five times more black money was unearthed by the UPA in its last two years", the Congress statement said. "It is, therefore, clear that this would never be on the political agenda of the Congress".

Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi, Jaitley said that the party would apprise the masses about the steps the Modi government has taken to curb the generation of black money in the economy.

The Finance Minister said the BJP would carry forward the debate by the opposition to polarise people against black money through its own campaign.

"Cash is bearer money in the system and its ownership is not known". Squeezing of cash and that used by terrorists and negating counterfeit currency were the objectives of the note ban. They have understood it (demonetization and GST) that is why they have been giving resounding support to the party in all elections.

Jaitley said the Modi Government on its first day set up Special Investigation Team (SIT) and brought about changes in laws to fight out black money, gave last opportunity to bring oversees money with 50 per cent penalty, criminal cases filed in relation to oversees accounts and bilateral agreement signed with Switzerland to get real time information on the black money. "This is not a one-off campaign and will continue to persist as part of the larger programme of the party".

"The PM remains in arrogant denial of the hardship inflicted on people of country by his reckless decision", Sharma said.

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