First lawsuit filed against Weinstein Company

Oscar Cross
October 26, 2017

Mimi Haleyi said she was assaulted by Weinstein in 2006 when she was in her 20s in what appeared to be a child's bedroom in his New York City apartment.

"I shut that down immediately, and I said, 'No, that has nothing to do with what I want to do.' I said, 'What is this, a casting couch thing?'" she said, and noted that Weinstein got "annoyed" with that response.

The document filed states she was forced into giving him a massage after which he asked to perform oral sex on her and masturbated till he reached orgasm. Haleyi spoke at a news conference joined by her attorney, Gloria Allred. She said Weinstein went to the bathroom and emerged wearing only a bathrobe, asked Huett for a massage and wouldn't take no for an answer, so she complied.

She said that she approached the Hollywood heavyweight at that time about doing some work on one of his sets, and he urged her to come meet him at his hotel so they could discuss the matter. She filed the first lawsuit against the company on Tuesday claiming negligence for knowing about Weinstein's sexual misdeeds dating back decades and failing to do anything about it. She declined and left. Hayleyi said she chose to come forward to support all the other women who have already done so.

Though the alleged assault may have occurred outside New York's statute of limitations, said Allred "it may be relevant information for law enforcement to have as they investigate Mr. Weinstein". She worked as a production assistant on a Weinstein Co. -produced television series, though she and Allred declined to name the show.

But Weinstein got in touch afterward and offered her a job on one of his TV productions in NY. "By that time, I was crying, as I felt completely humiliated and stupid for having been excited about meeting with him". They met again at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006 and she offered to help on his productions in NY.

She's also finding solace in other women.

She described Weinstein's alleged assault on Haleyi as a "new low" and called on the fallen producer to contact her office "to discuss our plan for justice for victims". "It is time for him to take meaningful action to demonstrate in deeds, not just words, that he is taking responsibility for what he has done and that he is willing to make amends to the victims", she said Tuesday.

Actresses Rose McGowan, Asia Argento and Lucia Evans say Weinstein forced sex acts on them without consent.

The New York attorney general has opened a civil rights investigation into the Weinstein Company, which fired Weinstein shortly after the first accusations of sexual misconduct became public.

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