Facebook Messenger gets PayPal P2P payment integration in the US

Kelley Robertson
October 22, 2017

Now, the two companies announced a new feature that will allow users to pay their friends via PayPal from inside Messenger. In order to offer better customer support (which will be needed once the new friend payment feature goes live), PayPal is launching its chat bot. From here, you can choose to send or deposit money you've received to your PayPal account.

But, since more than 2.5 million users linked their PayPal and Facebook accounts we reckon the option to PayPal your friends via Messenger will become quite popular.

"We're excited today to announce an expansion of our relationship with Facebook with the addition of PayPal as a funding source for peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, right in Messenger", PayPal said in a blog post. In the previous year, Facebook and Paypal allowed users to connect their accounts which ultimately allowed them to shop easily on Messenger using PayPal.

This year, PayPal has also launched a P2P bot for payments on Slack and struck partnerships with Mastercard, Visa, Vodafone, and Alibaba. This will allow users to get support for their account without any need to leave the app. Some of the services PayPal customers will be able to access when using the bot include, resetting passwords, handling account inquiries, and dealing with all issues related with refunds of payments. For the operation to work, all you have to do is simply tap on the "+" icon which will bring up a green payment button. Furthermore, PayPal's bot will be updates so as to help users get customer service help just by chatting with it. The bot has been built to assist you with your request. That'll allow you to connect your PayPal account with Messenger.

It's also worth noting that Messenger users in the US have been able to pay one another inside the app since March 2015, requiring people to enter their debit card information as a method of payment. Android users, according to the company, would soon have their turn.

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