Mobile drops unlimited LTE perk for trips to Canada and Mexico

Kelley Robertson
October 16, 2017

That's thanks to the company's Mobile Without Borders perk, which was implemented in 2015. Starting November 12th, T-Mobile is putting a 5GB data cap on LTE usage when traveling outside the U.S. in North America. What T-Mobile is going to do is add a cap to the LTE mobile data. While the plan previously accommodated for unlimited data, now the carrier will be limiting that to just 5GB. The data services wouldn't be stopped after 5 GB however the 128 Kbps speed that you would get would make it impossible to use the data service.

The idea of Mobile Without Borders is to allow those on a valid T-Mobile plan to take advantage of calling, texting, and using data in Canada and Mexico without restrictions. While 5GB is a healthy amount for a short trip, it's still going to change your behavior - you may end up using hotel WiFi when you can instead of relying exclusively on cellular data.

A spotlight on how Canadians were using T-Mobile cellular plans was highlighted earlier this year by Vice Money, which showed how for $50 United States dollars, one could get a plan with unlimited data, text and calls in Canada, the USA and Mexico. You can also check overall data usage by dialing the short code #WEB# on your device.

T-Mobile says that this change was made to "prevent usage beyond the intent of the product"; reading between the lines likely means that customers were costing the company too much money on the roaming networks. After the users have exceeded 80% of the 5GB limit, they will be sent an alert message from T-Mobile.

The company said that less than than 1 percent of people with Mobile Without Borders travel to Mexico and Canada and use more than 5GB a month, indicating the cap will have little impact on its customers.

For more information on the upcoming change and a list of related FAQs, check out T-Mobile's dedicated webpage on the matter.

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