White House chief of staff: 'I'm not quitting today'

Saul Bowman
October 13, 2017

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said on Thursday the Trump administration thinks the threat posed by North Korea's nuclear weapons capability is now manageable but Pyongyang can not be allowed to develop the ability to strike the USA homeland.

"Although I read it all the time, pretty consistently, I'm not quitting today", Kelly said in his first public appearance at a White House press briefing. And I just talked to the president.

"I have found that Mr. Trump, from the day I met him, he is a decisive guy, he is a very thoughtful man", Kelly added.

Kelly comments at a White House news conference were milder than Trump's recent pronouncements.

He later added, "Unless things change, I'm not quitting I'm not getting fired and I don't think I'll fire anyone tomorrow".

"One of his frustrations is you".

"I was not brought into this job to control anything but the flow of information", Kelly said.

And while the president has not said anything critical of Kelly, and in fact, has had nothing but praise for the retired Marine Corps general, reports have circulated that tensions between the two have been brewing.

Kelly also noted that "Congress has been frustrating" to the President.

Kelly also said he doesn't believe Trump's combative use of Twitter threatens his agenda, saying, "The president has a right to defend himself". "Not all of you, but many of you".

But he offered the assembled reporters a piece of advice: "Maybe develop some better sources". "This is, in my view, the most important job I've ever had".

"It's amusing, I read in the paper, you all know you write it, that I've been a failure at controlling the president or controlling his tweeting", the White House chief of staff said.

Kelly's insistence that he is remaining in post comes after a turbulent nine months that have witnessed the departures of his predecessor Reince Priebus, press secretary Sean Spicer, national security adviser Michael Flynn, health secretary Tom Price and others.

"Me personally?" the reporter questioning him asked.

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