Why your iPhone feels slower when a new one comes out

Muriel Hammond
October 11, 2017

Apple has not yet unveiled as to when it will be rolling the user version of iOS 11.1 to the well-matched iPad and iPhone models, or when will these be arriving to the watchOS or macOS. The latest iteration of this claim that Apple is slowing down your iPhone surfaced in the form of an online article that was shared 270,000 times before it was taken down.

"These benchmark results provide a unique insight into the everyday performance of each iPhone model over time", the company said. On the other hand, CPU scores dipped slightly. Despite the spike in Google searches for "iPhone slow", Futuremark chose to tally up results from its own database of benchmark data for various models of the iPhone. Of course, newer models will be faster and more efficient than older ones, but in reality, your old iPhone is no slower than it was before the new one was released.

Well, would ya look at that? Read on to learn about what you might expect to find once iOS 11.1 is released. There has been a small fall in CPU performance, but not enough to be noticeable, according to Futuremark.

Futuremark, a Finnish company that builds hardware performance benchmarks, collected more than 100,000 benchmarks from iPhone 5S, 6, 6S and 7 over the past year to see if there was a noticeable drop in performance after iOS upgrades. Apple is not slowing down your iPhone, but your apps might be. Newer features might not be as crisp and snappy.

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Some people on various bastions of internet opinion like Reddit welcomed the return of iTunes with App Store access, but other notes that is a backwards step for iTunes and leaves it in a bloated and overly feature-heavy state. The results are submitted from iPhone owners who've installed its 3DMark benchmarking app.

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