Twitter is getting a new 'Save for Later' Feature to bookmark tweets

Oscar Cross
October 11, 2017

But when you want to save a tweet on Twitter, that can be hard.

The tool will finally let users store tweets without having to "like" the very bad stuff people write in them.

Twitter has been experimenting and adding features lately to keep itself relevant among the users.

Twitter product manager Jesar Shah said stored tweets will be private, unlike "liked" tweets which appear publicly on your profile.

Being world's most popular microblogging website, Twitter is getting a lot of new features to its app. Twitter is looking to the community for guidance on the design before it finalizes the bookmarking feature.

Twitter's other employees, including new hired Sriram Krishnan, who is a senior director of product also noted Twitter's plans for this new feature. This method or we can say this feature will save the Tweet and they can make use of the bookmarked tweet and can fetch them anytime they want. That menu will house both the "share via DM" and the upcoming "Add to Bookmark" features, though the final version could take on a different form.

I can see Save For Later becoming as popular as the Like option on tweets. One could argue that clicking the heart icon is a quick way to save the tweet.

In its current incarnation, however, it doesn't look as seamless as it could be, requiring you to tap the More options button under a tweet before you can save an update.

You would then access your bookmarks by clicking on your profile photo, which now brings up a drop-down menu showing "Lists", "Moments", and your privacy settings.

Shah also revealed that users now make do by Liking or sending tweets to themselves via DM.

The prototype shown below indicates the possible bookmark feature, which is likely to change.

Chances are that the feature is revealed in Japan first, as indicated by the company executive Jesar Shah on Twitter Tuesday.

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