"Hell in a Cell 2017" Kickoff Show Match Announced

Oscar Cross
October 5, 2017

At that point, Owens made his way back into the arena and down the stairs. Shane announced that Sunday night they will face off inside Hell in a Cell, but he doesn't want to confine the match to the cell, so it's now Falls Count Anywhere. True to his word, Owens then delivered his patent Pop-up Powerbomb to his boss inside the ring after he had returned from the concourse. Or a watered-down show filled with recaps and uninspired matches. He very quickly received a powerbomb from Owens through a WWE merchandise table. SmackDown's booking is all upside down, and the show really needs to straighten things out after Hell in a Cell.

The Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event takes place this Sunday in Detroit, Michigan at the Little Caesars Arena and will air on the WWE Network and some traditional pay-per-view outlets.

Meanwhile, other bets for this Sunday's "Hell in a Cell" are The New Day and The Usos for the Tag Team Title, Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship, Natalya and Charlotte for SmackDown women's, AJ Styles and Baron Corbin for the USA championships, Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode, and Randy Orton and Rusev.

While Tuesday night was not the most exciting episode of SmackDown Live. That leads me to believe something is going to go down to that end on Sunday and this rivalry will remain somewhat unresolved, which can lead to it being revisited perhaps before WrestleMania 34.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal: Nakamura's interview was about as basic as it gets with him using the ol' "sticks and stones" comeback to Jinder's recent taunts. The Singh Brothers interrupted Nakamura to distract the challenger with their music as the WWE champion attacked Nakamura from behind. Nakamura starts fighting back, but the numbers game gets the best of him and the champ lays him out with the Khallas. This distracted Flair, allowing Natalya to knock her down from behind and lock in the Sharpshooter to make the title challenger tap out.

While the referee is focused on Charlotte and Natalya in the ring, Carmella strikes Becky Lynch with her briefcase.

Mike Kanellis may have the power of love, but he didn't have the power of being simply...

Also, Ziggler promised that the glorious one would be out-fought at Hell In A Cell.

Tye Dillinger def. Baron Corbin via pinfall: Corbin beat up on Dillinger for most of the match, but Dillinger got one over on the big man with a quick roll-up 1-2-3.

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