OJ Simpson released on parole after nine years in Nevada prison

Arnold Nichols
October 2, 2017

O.J. Simpson smiles at his parole hearing in Nevada last July.

Keast said Simpson was "upbeat, personable and seemed happy to get on with his life".

Earlier this year, Simpson earned early parole, with a date set for October 1.

He was found civilly liable for the slayings in 1997 and ordered to pay the victims' families $US33.5 million.

O.J. Simpson could be back in Miami-Dade soon, but Attorney General Pam Bondi doesn't want authorities in Nevada to force Florida's taxpayers to foot the bill for hosting his parole.

The 70 year old told the parole board that he wanted to live in Florida, and faces parole supervision for another five years. It is the main processing center for inmates from southern Nevada, where Simpson was convicted.

"We needed to do this to ensure public safety and to avoid any possible incident", Ms Keast said. Among them, she said, Simpson will not be allowed to consume any alcohol and will be tested regularly.

No details could be found on Simpson's location in the prison system, which State Department of Corrections spokeswoman Brooke Keast said usually indicates that an inmate is being moved in custody.

Former American Football star and actor OJ Simpson has been released on parole after serving nine years in a Nevada jail.

"If I would have made a better judgment back then, none of this would have never happened", he said of the September 2007 robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers that led to his prison sentence.

Simpson, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, has four adult children, two of whom live in Florida.

These state that "You shall not associate with convicted felons, persons who are engaged in criminal activity, or other persons with who your supervising officer instructs you not to associate".

David Cook, an attorney for the Goldman family, told BuzzFeed News that the amount Simpson now owes has grown to more than $50 million, and that his clients have every intention of trying to collect.

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