Games We Want to See on a PlayStation Mini

Muriel Hammond
October 1, 2017

With its release nearly upon us, the first reviews have gone live for the retro console. The games hold up, and that couldn't be more true with the Super NES Classic Edition. Each store did, however, pass out tickets at open, so if you weren't there at 8am it's pretty much up in the air if you can walk in and find one. Those lucky enough to get a copy will be able to enjoy vintage Nintendo games from the 1990's again or for the first time with friends and family.

If pre-order buzz is any indication, it could be even harder to pin down a Super NES Classic this holiday season. Other stores have gamers clambering to get their hands on these hot gaming consoles.

When I went to the Best Buy and GameStop in Manhattan's Union Square this morning at around 11:30am, I was told that the system was out of stock, but both stores said they were getting more shipments in the near future.

Nintendo notes that some of the manuals may make references to features that can't be used in the SNES Classic versions of these games, and that the contact information you discover may not be accurate.

Best Buy sells Insignia branded 6 foot cables for $9.99 and you can buy 10 foot extension cables on Amazon for $10.99.


The SNES Classic Mini comes loaded with 21 iconic 16-Bit games and is bundled with two controllers. Old SNES consoles can be had on eBay with bids starting as low as $45. They included a range of weird and rarely seen game-instruction books from across the world, and unlike their source product, people could actually get them.

The original NES Classic Edition was released in 2016, and the backlash was quick.

SpongeFreak52 is right in that the SNES Classic is nearly identical in its hardware, while unlocking the limitation of 8-bit games in favour of 16-bit.

In June, when Nintendo announced the Super Nintendo Classic, the company promised that it would manufacture more consoles than it did for last year's NES Classic. All of this has helped Nintendo's stock increase 52% since August 2016.

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