United States woman arrested after leaving four young children at home for vacation

Saul Bowman
September 30, 2017

Police say the four assaulted a 15-year-old at Hough's home on September 8th.

Authorities demanded that she flew home immediately and was arrested on arrival.

As for her children, the twins are staying with extended family members while the other two are with their father.

When she arrived back in Iowa on Wednesday, police took her into custody.

One of the Johnston students accused of robbing and sexually assaulting another student made his first court appearance on Friday.

Macke faces a single charge of transfer of pistol or revolver to a person younger than 21.

"It was not properly secured", Aswegan says. "They were confused. I mean, we're only talking about 12-year-olds being the adults here", Tompkins said.

Johnston police Lt. Tyler Tompkins said the children were left alone for 24 hours before the Police Department and the Iowa Department of Human Services received a tip and visited the children.

During her short time there, Macke posted several pictures of her and a friend, who had a baby with her, while the two toured Germany during Oktoberfest.

"She didn't understand or agree with the concern and didn't recognize it was a potential issue and wasn't alarmed by it", he says. "DsWfbSLpfOAQ&slotNum=0&ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1683302230&linkCode=w50&tag=people0d0-20&linkId=1d40d0fb5f4e7289364c310c4281f836%3EPEOPLE+True+Crime+Stories:+35+Real+Cases+That+Insp" target="_blank">on sale now. Police said that's because there was a weapon within the children's reach. Officers say the mother didn't think that was a problem. "I think everyone would raise an eyebrow on the judgment used in this decision".

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