Trump vows another healthcare vote next year, eyes executive order

Saul Bowman
September 29, 2017

Trump said the health care bill, which was blocked by Democrats with the help of some Republicans, has "so many great features..."

Enabling the purchase of plans across state lines might provide some relief from the insurers' flight from many state exchanges, leaving millions of Americans stuck between having to buy insurance under Obamacare's mandate, but having only limited, expensive choices.

The executive order Trump is eyeing would allow individuals to purchase insurance across state lines through so-called health associations.

Trump unveiled this excuse Wednesday morning on Twitter and told reporters a few hours later that he was talking about MS senator Thad Cochran.

President Donald Trump thinks he will have to work with Democrats in order to repeal Obamacare.

But Trump also reached out to U.S. Sen.

"We have the votes to get it done", Trump continued.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski did not announce her opposition prior to the bill being pulled, but released a statement soon after expressing deep concern with aspects of the bill, similar to Collins'.

Republicans are also expected to predict that the Trump tax cuts, if approved by Congress, would drive more robust United States economic growth, predictions that critics are sure to question. He has similarly directed personal attacks at veteran Senator John McCain, who has twice delivered fatal blows to Trump's hopes of undoing the signature legislative achievement of his predecessor's presidency. "We'll vote in January, February or March", he said.

Trump said he still has confidence in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell before going on to trash the Senate's 60 vote filibuster rule (Graham-Cassidy wasn't even on track to reach a 50 vote simple majority).

He said over the next several months, he will meet with Democrats to try and get a health care plan that's "even better", he said.

"I have a nice relationship with them", he said. He said the authors of the most recent Obamacare repeal bill, Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy, hoped to increase support for their proposal.

Here's the thing. Republicans don't have the votes.

Trump has said he wanted a 15 percent rate for corporations, but House Speaker Paul Ryan has called that impractically low and has said it would risk adding to the soaring $20 trillion national debt. Trump said he was working on a measure to do that.

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