Cold Case Murder Arrest: Woman Committed Crime Dressed As Clown

Oscar Cross
September 28, 2017

In a twist, investigators learned that Sheila Keen had married Marlene's widower, Michael, in 2002.

Authorities say Warren answered her door and a person dressed as a clown was there with a bouquet of flowers and balloons. Out of it popped a clown, with white face paint, a painted on smile, a red bulb nose and a bright orange wig. According to the Sheriff's Office, the clown offered the items to Marlene Warren wordlessly, and a moment later, there was the sound of a gunshot and Marlene Warren had collapsed on the ground. In an interview with the Palm Beach Post in 2000, her son remembers his mother said "Oh how pretty".

The clown first handed her flowers and balloons, and then shot her.

Marlene suffered a gunshot wound to the face and was taken to Palm West Hospital where she died two days later.

According to NBC News, Keen is accused of gunning down Marlene Warren, the ex-wife of Keen's current husband, in May 1990. At her home they also found fibers from a bright orange wig.

Also, witnesses at a costume shop tentatively identified Sheila Keen as buying a clown costume two days before the murder.

Keen and her then-husband repossessed cars for a living, frequently working with the Warrens, who owned a auto dealership and vehicle rental firm.

Cops had not commented on whether Michael was involved in his ex-wife's death, nor was it known whether Shiela had an attorney. However, their investigation into his finances led to his arrest five months after her death for odometer tampering, grand theft and racketeering. He left South Florida after being released from prison.

In 2014, the cold case unit of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office re-opened the investigation, re-contacting witnesses and conducting fresh DNA analysis. By then, police learned the Warrens tied the knot in 2002 and owned a Tennessee restaurant together. "We'd rather take our time and go in with the best case than to rush it".

Probable cause was established linking Sheila Keen Warren to the murder of Marlene Warren, and in August an arrest warrant was obtained for Sheila Warren, according to the sheriff's office report.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says a woman was detained this week for allegedly shooting a woman who, at the time, was married to the man who would eventually become the suspect's husband.

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