Amazon slashes price of new Echo speaker

Muriel Hammond
September 28, 2017

"YouTube used to be available to our shared customers on the Echo Show", Amazon told the website.

In a rare public feud between large technology companies, Amazon said on Tuesday its Echo Show devices could no longer play videos from YouTube because the site's parent, Google, stopped supporting the service.

Amazon said that Google did not give any explanation or notification to customers about this matter. Alexa is also available for Amazon Music customers on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Edition and Fire Tablets.

Amazon also noted that there was no technical reason for the decision, which implies that YouTube was working as the company expects it would on its Echo Show device. It is still unclear as to what violations has Amazon made while providing YouTube on the Echo Show.

Google, however, later explained that the move is due to the ongoing dispute between the two companies. Taking away YouTube is a serious backward step for the Echo Show, which boasts video as one of its main selling points.

Amazon has recently availed a Voice assistant Alexa in its new Amazon Music app for both iOS and Android smart phones.

The new Amazon Fire TV is now official.

The original Amazon Echo was one of the first mainstream smart speakers, and ultimately helped define the entire product category. They say that they hope to "reach an agreement and resolve these issues soon".

As things stand at the moment, Amazon Music is already the third biggest online subscription-based music streaming service provider, after Spotify and Apple.

Glasses with built-in Alexa voice functionality, which would let the wearer give commands and listen to information, according to the Financial Times.

"Tens of millions of songs are now at the tip of your tongue as well as the tips of your fingers - wherever you go", Amazon wrote in a news release.

That user experience includes access to related videos, autoplay, subscribership and other features that are lacking from the basic Echo Show interface.

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