Xbox One owners could soon reduce burden of enormous install files

Muriel Hammond
September 16, 2017

To give you an example, download a game to the Xbox One and the 4K textures will not be downloaded as the hardware does not support 4K. Still, with Microsoft likely to lead the way with its own games, the demands from Xbox One and Xbox One X owners for all providers to do the same might force them to get with the Intelligent Delivery program.

Developers will soon be able to tag certain "chunks" of a game. Players won't have to download audio assets in languages they don't want, saving even more space. The platform holder describes the potential savings here as "massive". With Intelligent Delivery, you won't.

Xbox One Intelligent Delivery System: What's It All About?

The amount of space saved here is not insignificant - as an example, Far Cry Primal's HD texture pack on PC is an optional 6GB download.

The Xbox One X will be available on November 7, 2017 for $499.

From a user perspective, files like audio commentaries can be managed through the Xbox dashboard - and deleted if you don't need them any more. With the Intelligent Delivery system, single-player and multiplayer parts of the game can be partitioned off, allowing the user to delete either component if they're not using them. If the game comes with a level editor but you are not going to try it out then you can choose to not download it at all. This feature will allow users to save a lot of data and bandwidth. What's more, developers can upload a complete project to Microsoft for submission and mastering, but assign different chunks to different discs, effectively using the same master project to create multiple SKUs.

Microsoft is reportedly working on new Xbox One technology that will grant gamers more hard drive space and make downloads faster.

It could also mean Xbox One owners won't need to download the 4K visuals designed for the new Xbox One X.

In terms of how multi-disc support works for the user, data is installed in sequence on a per-disc basis with the system prompting you to swap Blu-rays when required. Devs have total freedom to utilize the console's 6TFLOP horsepower as they see fit-Microsoft institutes no regulations or standards, and games can support modes like native 4K, upscaled 4K, 1080p 60FPS, 4K HDR, and a bazillion other features and modes that are possible with the box.

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