Evacuated Across Russia After Wave of Bomb Threats

Saul Bowman
September 14, 2017

More than 15,000 people were evacuated on Wednesday from several shopping centres, universities and train stations in Moscow after a series of bomb threats, Russian media reported.

All alerts have proved to be hoaxes and the authorities have urged the public to stay calm, the BBC said yesterday.

"Twenty sites are now being evacuated, and more than 10,000 people have been escorted out, though the specific number is still being confirmed", an emergency services source told news agency Tass.

Tass reported that over 20,000 people had been affected by the evacuation in Moscow alone.

Many were city halls, schools and other official buildings, Bloomberg reported, citing local news reports.

He added: "Each call is being checked".

The Moscow State Medical University was also evacuated, according to reports.

"Each call is being checked". Emergency services said that police units including explosives specialists and officers with sniffer dogs are examining the buildings. Initial reports indicated the evacuations might have been some kind of exercise.

Cops in Moscow reportedly received an anonymous call about an explosion in Red Square, according to news agency Interfax.

Frants Klintsevich, deputy head of the Defense Committee in the upper house of parliament, said: "There's never been anything like this before, it's 100 percent organized telephone terrorism".

Major Russian cities have been targeted in previous bomb attacks, most recently in April, when a Russian citizen from the former Soviet state Kyrgyzstan detonated a bomb inside a St Petersburg metro train.

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