Tesla extends Florida cars range with OTA update

Ann Santiago
September 12, 2017

As thousands of people fled the approach of Hurricane Irma in the southeast United States, Tesla assisted drivers of its electric cars by extending their battery range, the company confirmed. There have been massive lines at pumping stations and widespread gas shortages throughout Florida. The update sent out unlocked the full capacity of the batteries in Model S and X vehicles with 60 and 70 kilowatt-hour power plants. Luckily for them, Tesla is lending a hand as well. Changes to the way cars were made remotely using the system software update via mobile Internet.

During 2016, Tesla launched Model X and Model S vehicles with a limited battery capacity that were also cheaper than standard ones. This helped keep the base price (and the car's range) lower, with an option to later pay outrageous amounts of money to disable the restriction.

Some of those owners reported this morning having more range than usual in their vehicles.

Some Tesla owners in Florida evacuating ahead of Hurricane Irma found their cars capable of driving further between charges.

A Tesla Model S 60 owner in Florida reached out to us with nearly 40 more miles than in his usual full charge and a new "75" badge in his auto software. The extra capacity will allow the drivers to get a few more miles out of their Tesla. Tesla will continue keeping the full 75 kWh battery unlock through to September 16. One of the customers of Elon Musk's electric vehicle (EV) company contacted them saying that in order to make it out of the mandatory evacuation zone, they would need an additional 30 miles of range.

Otherwise, the other Superchargers are reportedly online and accessible on the way north. Stay safe out there everyone.

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