Jaguar turns over Nissan's new Leaf

Kelley Robertson
September 8, 2017

Nissan is also offering some new technology on the 2018 Leaf, dubbed "e-Pedal", that improves the brake performance and will help make the vehicle more fun to drive. Interviewed by our British colleagues at Autocar, Alfonso Albaisa, head of design Nissan, admitted that a sports version could help the model to improve its image, after a first generation Leaf with a pataud design.

What's more game-changing, though, is the way that Nissan in-part achieves this range: the e-Pedal.

About a year after this new Leaf arrives, Nissan will offer it with a more powerful, 60-kWh battery.

Unless you have a killer commute or plan on taking your EV on lengthy road trips, the Leaf with its standard battery pack should fit your driving requirements.

Schillaci said the new model would be launched into the United States and Europe early next year.

Faced with tighter global environmental regulations, most carmakers are investing heavily in the electric-car sector, sparking a ferocious race to create the next green vehicle.

The brake lights illuminate as soon as the Leaf begins to lose speed and the e-Pedal will hold the auto - even on steep inclines - without the brake pedal having to be applied.

The index also tracks an automaker's "e-share" as a percentage of the total range of all cars and trucks of all kinds sold by that company.

That's not to say the new Leaf is retrograde by any stretch of the imagination: the seven-inch digital dashboard display shows information regarding battery life and range, as well as the status of the car's adaptive cruise control and its self-parking system (see below).

Nissan has confirmed that the new Leaf will be built at its United Kingdom production facility in Sunderland.

This is what buyers need to know about the new Nissan Leaf including one reason you might want to wait for the 2019 Nissan Leaf. Nissan's electric line-up, which is also likely to include a saloon, will not be called "Leaf" in the manner of, for example, VW's ID electric-only brand. This is less range than the Chevy Bolt and the Tesla Model 3, but it is also a more affordable auto. Moreover, it can also run on a highway in a single lane without the assistance of the driver.

The second-generation Leaf was unveiled simultaneously on Tuesday in Japan and Las Vegas and Wednesday morning here at the first Technology in Motion mobility conference at Cobo Center.

Of course, the new Leaf's price falls short of both the Bolt's and the Tesla's, too. That puts the 150-mile Leaf more than $5,000 below the Model 3 and more than $6,000 below the Bolt EV.

She added that automakers are increasingly trying to give drivers the feel of future models, which the Leaf can do.

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