Game of Thrones rolls out AR camera effect on Facebook

Oscar Cross
August 27, 2017

To get the effect, you're supposed to simply open Facebook on your smartphone and tap the camera icon on the top left, then swipe right to get ice-blue eyes and the weirdly corrugated skin of the show's Night King. Suddenly, defeating the White Walkers seems more doable than before. Wights seem to be the least intelligent of the hierarchy and appear to take orders from their White Walker superiors. But the truth remains: The Night King has powerful Greenseeing capabilities that will likely prove vital to the overarching Game of Thrones when all is said and done. This was born partially from sheer gratitude - after all, she had just saved his life and sacrificed one of her dragons in the process (more on that in a second) - and fundamentally from the fact he clearly has the raging horn for her.

If there really is more to his power, it would make sense for his power of persuasion to be a form of warging, adding another significant connection between the Night King and the Three-Eyed Rave, a.k.a. Bran Stark. Is he the man Bran saw the Children Of The Forest turn into the first White Walker when they put dragonglass in his heart? But Bran arrived too late, so instead he inhabited the body of the legendary hero Bran the Builder and helped erect the Wall to keep the White Walkers out. Richard Brake, 52, plays the evil king on the show, although you wouldn't know it if you passed him on the street.

Part of this theory folds another popular one into it, the idea that the voices who told the Mad King to "burn them all" was really Bran Stark telling him to burn all the White Walkers. Just because one can reach out and assess what the other is doing doesn't make them one and the same.

The Night King will fly over it on Viserion, destroying the Wall's protective magic.

The difference between these two creatures was more evident than ever in last week's episode "Beyond the Wall", as we discovered that wights are tied to the fate of the white walker that reanimated them.

If when the dead finally get to the Wall we see a wight or White Walker touch it and explode, this is what we'll expect to happen. The Night King, or someone under his control, created that particular wight and hid it among the rest. But as we know this will (semingly) not be a permanent answer either. It's hard to imagine an army of men being able to match the fire power of a dragon. You should not be able to defeat magic by loophole. By killing huge numbers of them with a single stroke, like Jon did. If one courageous hero faces him (Beric of all people was volunteering to do just that) and strikes him down, it could bring the living the ultimate victory Azor Ahai failed to gain long ago.

A theory with huge fan-support claims that Bran's greenseeing causes him to become trapped inside the Night King, essentially creating the villain that is now marching south. Bran's powers have been developing throughout the show, having connected past and present versions of Hodor in a closed time-loop, forcing the gentle giant to "hold the door" and even forcing poor Hodor to kill Locke outside of Craster's Keep in Season 4.

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