The Sims 4 Receiving Cats and Dogs Expansion on November 10th

Muriel Hammond
August 22, 2017

It's going to be exciting to see how things turn out with pets going their own direction and caring for animals other than dogs and cats, so look forward to the expansion when it drops this November. Well then, good news, as Cats & Dogs are coming to the game on November 10, and you can even pre-order the expansion now if you just can't wait.

You'll be able to design the pet of your dreams, or create a virtual version of your real-life furball.

Also you can dress your pets up in tuxedos, as dinosaurs, as hot dogs and more.

The "Cats & Dogs" expansion pack will bring with it a "Create a Pet" tool, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Animals will also have unique personality traits that players can discover by having their Sims interact with the creatures in question. A brand-new veterinarian business will allow players to pursue dreams of building their own veterinary clinic, hiring a dedicated staff, and diagnosing and curing pets from the occasional fleas to the more freakish sicknesses they encounter. "We know how much our community values four-legged friends as part of their families and I am thrilled at what the team has been able to bring to life". A new coastal harbor locale, Brindleton Bay, will be included in the expansion as well. This new world has pet-friendly features such an obstacle course, harbour docks, a lighthouse, and players will also be able to rescue strays. Either way he is still a dog, and EA spent several minutes talking to him during a series of onstage announcements for The Sims.

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