What time will the solar eclipse start?

Ann Santiago
August 21, 2017

If you move to the north or south of the path of totality, that percentage will drop.

But the US will have to wait another seven years for the next total solar eclipse to fall within its borders. In Portland, the maximum eclipse will happen at 10:19:07 PT, with 99.4% of the sun obscured. It will plunge a swath of land across the US into darkness. This is possible because while the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun in diameter, it is also 400 times closer to Earth than the sun.

During one partial eclipse, I remember going in there and noticing that all the little circles of light on the ground were crescent-shaped. You could severely damage your eyes if you look at the sun without proper viewing protection.

Eclipse glasses can be worn directly over your prescription glasses or with contacts.

Yes. You can keep regular glasses on.

NASA says solar eclipse glasses should be marked with the code "ISO 12312-2".

Why is that? Because the actual solar eclipse could be a bit of a bummer. Note, most vendors are already sold out.

Before The Great American Solar Eclipse leaves its mark on history, there are several things we all need to know. It informs that even the homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses aren't safe even if they are dark as they transmit thousands of times too much sunlight.

Approximately 200 million people live within a day's drive of the path of the total eclipse.

The NASA website also has suggests other options, including how to use a tree and your hands.

People in large parts of Nebraska, Missouri and northeastern Kansas will be able to see a total solar eclipse, weather permitting. Also beware if the eclipse glasses are older than 2015, when worldwide safety standards were adopted.

Can I take pictures of the eclipse? . For telescope filters, make sure it screws on to the end of the telescope, instead of simply sliding over.

Yes, solar glasses are essential for safe viewing.

Yes, but it will be indirect. However, NEWS CENTER put a "DIY" eclipse viewer to the test. Click HERE for some easy ways to view the eclipse without glasses. The high temperature is expected to be 84 degrees.

Q: So where's the best spot to go for the eclipse in Southern Illinois?

No. Your pets don't directly look at the sun during the day. "They should be kept indoors and away from the windows as a precaution".

Surprisingly, total solar eclipses are not rare phenomena, occurring approximately once every 18 months on average.

Columbia is one of the last major cities on the east coast that will experience totality during the eclipse. That eclipse will span from Texas to NY and Maine.

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