Venezuela army base attacked by 'terrorists'

Saul Bowman
August 7, 2017

Two assailants were killed and eight captured on Sunday in an armed attack by "terrorists" on a Venezuelan military base, President Nicolas Maduro said on state television.

A prominent Venezuelan opposition leader has been returned to his home after spending several days jailed.

The socialist president of venezuela, Nicolas Maduro was a major blow to his opponents: just installed, the Constituent that he has endowed it with unlimited powers, has sacked an opponent of the toughest, the attorney general Luisa Ortega, the risk to aggravate further the tensions with the worldwide community.

Many fear the 545 members of the assembly - all allies of the President - will further clamp down on dissent and undermine freedoms in the struggling country.

What is the issue with the new assembly?

One analyst, Luis Salamanca, said the new assembly "is being born badly, but Maduro doesn't care".

Citing Control Ciudadano, our correspondent said: "What's odd about this man who speaks in the video, who says he's a captain in the army, is that he was wanted by the government in 2014, also for trying to organise some sort of insurrection". The United States and the European Union called the vote "illegal". On Saturday, the South American trade bloc Mercosur moved to suspend Venezuela for failing to follow democratic norms.

Maduro also wants the assembly to strip opposition lawmakers of their constitutional immunity from prosecution, saying their constant conspiring to oust him shouldn't be protected.

"The only thing it has left is brute force".

Camimpeg is at the heart of the "military-industrial engine", a Maduro idea for confronting what he sees as the "economic war" being waged by the opposition and sympathetic businesses to destabilize his government.

He later reportedly sought exile after a military tribunal ordered his arrest, appearing in an interview on CNN en Espanol to draw attention to dissatisfaction within the ranks over Venezuela's demise.

But Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, the head of the armed forces, has said the military's loyalty was unshakable. Numerous demonstrators say they support the men who launched the attack.

After Sunday's attack in Valencia, Padrino tweeted that the assailants "couldn't do anything against" the army.

In the video a man identifying himself as Capt. Juan Caguaripano said that any unit refusing to go along with its call for rebellion would be declared a military target.

Calling the group the 41st Brigade, he announces a rebellion and demands the "immediate formation of a transitional government and free elections".

It was not known if he was the lieutenant referred to in the military statement.

"In the early morning hours, terrorist attackers entered the Paramacay Fort in Valencia.", Diosdado Cabello, a Socialist Party leader, said on his Twitter account.

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