Get ready to witness the lunar eclipse on August 7

Muriel Hammond
August 7, 2017

Summary: Gurgaon: A partial lunar eclipse will be observable from across India on August 7 and 8.

The eclipse will only cover a small part of the Moon's southern hemisphere and will last for about an hour until 1918 GMT (23:48:10 local time).

Get ready to witness the lunar eclipse on August 7. However, as the three celestial bodies are not perfectly aligned, only part of the moon's surface is covered by the central part of the Earth's shadow.

PAGASA said the partial lunar eclipse will begin 1:22 a.m.

Given all that, Monday night's partial lunar eclipse might not be a grand treat for skygazers on the same level as the Great American Eclipse two weeks from now. However, it will not be visible to the people living at U.S. and Canada. Lunar eclipse is discernible from a large part of the Earth.

An eclipse of the moon, of which partial phase was in India, had occurred on April 4, 2015. Eastern time on Monday.

While there was a little disappointment among space enthusiasts due to India not being able to witness the August 21 total solar eclipse - which will only be visible in the United States - the news of the lunar eclipse sure made things better.

All phases of lunar eclipse will be seen over Qatar sky.

All that is needed to see the spectacle in the sky is an unclouded view and a pair of eyes.

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