Pokemon Go Fest attendees are filing a class-action lawsuit against Niantic

Muriel Hammond
July 31, 2017

That wasn't enough for some, though, as "20 or 30" others have joined the class-action suit, according to Chicago-based attorney Thomas Zimmerman.

Thus, many participants were never able to take advantage of the Pokemon and other exclusive bonuses during the event, giving rise to a shocking entry of Niantic CEO John Hanke and the rise of many songs "we cannot play "(we cannot play). Zimmerman's clients aren't looking for some Pokemon-specific restitution, which Niantic has already provided via in-game bonuses and ticket refunds. In the meantime, you can always try to capture the legendary Pokemon GO by following our tips here. For the people who went across the nation or even overseas, however.

The legendary birds have finally been unlocked in Pokémon GO, but not everything is going too well for Niantic right now.

All people who attended the festival were offered a refund of their $20 admission price, as well as $100 in in-game credits in the form of Pokecoins. Zimmerman said to polygon.

Users who went to the Fest are demanding they are returned their Travel expenses. "Would they have done that had they known that that was not going to be lived up to and they weren't going to get the experience that was represented?"

The California man filed a class-action lawsuit, claiming the festival did not deliver on promises.

In my opinion, the answer is an obvious "No".

Pokemon Go Safari Events at the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm, Sweden and the Stadshart Amstelveen in The Netherlands were originally scheduled for August 12. Niantic surely will get what's coming to them, and hopefully this will be a lesson about how not to do a big event. Given the distance, Norton had to buy a plane ticket, which turned out to be a waste of money, given that nobody at the event could play the new game update due to mobile network congestion.

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