Could The Pistons' Andre Drummond Be Traded For Kyrie Irving?

Arnold Nichols
July 31, 2017

If the Cleveland Cavaliers receive a trade offer they deem credible for Kyrie Irving, the National Basketball Association all-star could be playing somewhere else next season.

Wojnarowski's report said the Heat "are willing to part" with Dragic and Winslow in a package for Irving.

If the Heat can accomplish the goal of at least shedding salaries this season to give themselves more freedom to operate come summertime, they'll be in prime position to yet again make a run at elite National Basketball Association talent. Smith wrote Irving didn't know James would be returning to the Cavaliers and that "he didn't particularly care for James' return to Cleveland".

Miami is one destination Irving allegedly was interested in, looking for an organization with a good front office and coaching staff, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Getting shooting guard Ellington essentially flips Shumpert for an older, but a cheaper player with only one year at $6.2 million and a capable three-point shooter at a 37.8 percent clip. In an effort to land Irving, six teams have submitted trade offers to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There are two reasons why Irving can see himself with the Timberwolves - Tom Thibodeau and Jimmy Butler.

In the same article, Irving was asked about taking over as the Cavs" new franchise player and stated: "I wasn't really anxious about filling LeBron's shoes or filling that void.

Irving would give them immediate star power, but it might not be on the top of his wish list. In addition to that, new free agents can't be traded until December 15th.

"Go back through every team he's played on, talked to people involved - or just study the results - and it doesn't matter whether it was high school, college, United States of America development and national teams, and in the NBA - and you see a pattern of him impacting winning". Coach Tyronn Lue is also a strong supporter of Irving and has been a strong defender when Irving's game - which is sometimes more shoot-first than pass-first for a point guard - has come under criticism.

"Having just a tremendously great player like that come to your team, and you see yourself being one of those great players eventually and then he ends up joining it and then now you have to nearly take a step back and observe", Irving said.

When Irving signed his deal, he expected to be the franchise player for the foreseeable future. They do more of the "little things" that don't show up in box scores. He's a four-time NBA All-Star, an NBA Champion, and has a penchant for taking over games with his scoring prowess.

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