India wants to solve issues with China based on Astana consensus: MEA

Kelley Robertson
July 28, 2017

Yang met senior security officials from South Africa and Brazil, besides India, at the summit.

Yang also separately met his counterparts from South Africa and Brazil, Xinhua reported.

But as divided as the country has now become over the Doklam row, several Bhutanese extolled the contributions of India and Indian Army over the past 60 years for the growth of Bhutan and held in high regard by their kings who had stretched the arm of friendship after over 70 years of isolation from the rest of the world.

Discussions were held "on bilateral relations, worldwide and regional issues and multilateral affairs" and Yang "set forth China's position on bilateral issues and major problems", Xinhua reported.

Geo-politically described as "a ham between two rocks", youth of tiny Himalayan nation Bhutan fear their country - that places happiness over anything else - would have to bear the trauma of a China-India war if the stand-off between the Asian giants does not get de-escalated.

The Indian Express reported that Ajit Doval is expected to visit China on July 26-27 for a BRICS meeting and Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechimight meet with him. Mr Doval and Mr Yang are Special Representatives of the India-China border mechanism. The Indian army had stopped the Chinese army from crossing the Indo-Bhutan-China border, after which China and India's army face-to-face for more than a month.

India on June 30 told China that its attempt to construct a road in the Doklam area in Bhutan will cause a "significant change of status quo", is a "violation of a 2012 understanding", and will lead to "serious security implications".

Doval's formal objective of visiting Beijing is to attend a security dialogue of BRICS nations, he is expected to discuss the border standoff with Chinese leaders in separate meetings. The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi was noted in a quote, "The rights and wrongs are very clear, and even senior Indian officials have openly stated that Chinese troops did not step into Indian territory".

China says it will not talk on the Doklam issue unless India withdraws troops from the region. "Both China and India need to enhance communication and nurture trust between them, first by recognizing that the two are not born rivals and that harboring ill will against each other is risky", Xinhua added. "This is a precondition basis for any meaningful talks between the two countries", Lu said. We (both India and China) have embassies which are functioning.

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